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Savings Tips

To help you save up to $1,000 or more when it comes to taking care of your family pets, including saving money at your local veterinary and when shopping for pet related products and services, we have created this Savings Tips section to help provide members with easy directions to follow to get the most out of the program.

Tip 1 - Save On All Your Veterinary Care With Pet Insurance
Forget about small percent discounts offered by only some veterinary providers that may or may not even be near you. Or other deals and savings that can save you up to 25% off with some costs while other costs are not covered by the discount. In the event of a serious injury to your pet the difference between getting the help your pet really needs can be as simple as whether or not you planned ahead and got pet insurance. This opportunity gives you peace of mind knowing you can get the care you need, and in many cases have the entire or most of the costs covered. Pet Insurance plans and their coverage, benefits, and any limits or restrictions, should be fully reviewd prior to making a decision. Once you log in to this website to access your available Pet Benefits you can visit the wealth of information and resources to help you with this decision. Not only do we make this all important decision a little easier for you by providing 3 different Pet Insurance providers from which to choose that are all highly recommended, but as a member you will receive a special $100 Rewards Voucher that will give you up to $100 towards the cost of your chosen Pet Insurance.
Tip 2 - Save Up To 50% Off Pet Related Merchants & Vendors
You are able to save up to 50% off at popular brand merchants and other providers that offer pet related products and services.
Tip 3 - Free Lost Pet Recovery Service
Safeguard your pet and enjoy peace of mind with a simple to use Lost Pet Recovery Service.
Tip 4 - Free Pet Magazine Subscription
Enjoy a free 1 year subscription to a pet magazine title of your choice from available popular titles.
Tip 5 - PetSmart $100 Rebate & Savings
Get popular pet products that you want from a leading national brand pet retailer and receive up to $100 in valuable rebates while enjoying additional money saving special offers.
Tip 6 - Petco $100 Rebate & Savings
Get popular pet products that you want when shopping online at Petco for your favorite pet supplies and receive up to $100 in valuable rebates while enjoying additional money saving special offers.
Tip 7 - VIP Pet Concierge Service
Receive as an exclusive member benefit, the VIP Pet Concierge Service. This valuable service is normally sold for over $100 by itself, but it is included as an exclusive member benefit with no cost or other charges to you.
Tip 8 - Get A Free Pet ID Tag
Receive a free Pet ID Tag as part of this valuable program that is used to help in the Lost Pet Recovery Service.

Use the above tips to save up to $1,000 or more with this exceptional and valuable pet savings program! Nothing could be simpler and this rewarding! Save money on your family pets, including; cats, dogs, fish, birds, reptiles and more!